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Crypto trading bots allow you to trade crypto 24/7. Create or rent a bot and we make sure your bot runs.

Increase Profits

Turn your trading strategy into an automatic trading bot and profit from market moves even while you are sleeping.

Easily Backtest

Find out how your strategies would have performed in the past by performing a backtest. Is your strategy profitable?

Learn From The Best

Use our forum and chatbox to chat with other experienced traders. Discuss trading strategies, bot optimisations and more!

Rent bots

Start trading with ease by renting a bot from an experienced trader. Adapt and test the bot, and start automatic trading in minutes.

Trade Everywhere

Check-in on your bots everywhere in the world. You can even have your bot send you status updates by email or SMS.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Love it! Cryptotrader is a game changer. I admit I was in a little over my head when I jumped in, but I have been waiting for a real legit auto bot platform for years. Finally I found Cryptotrader. I lost a little bit of money when I first started because I didn't go through the do's and don'ts but after a couple weeks I'm getting it, and I'm now making money 24/7. Making money with your own bots is not easy but Cryptotrader does an awesome job at making it as easy as possible.
Sophie Leonard
Analyst @ financial institution
Cryptotrader made the entire experience easy for this bot beginner. I now use the website to manage most trades. The amount of effort put into the supporting libraries is stunning. You could literally develop a bot in 20 lines of code. My bots are a little bit more extensive though... I haven't sold one of my strategies yet, but the marketplace looks very interesting. I would recommend Cryptotrader to anyone from beginner to pro.
John Francis
Business developer @ IT company

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That’s right. No limits on the type of bot you wish to run. Our bots have been developed by some of the best programmers and developers and some have been calibrated since 2013, making sure you always get the best possible results.

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Backtest your bot over different historical time periods and analyse performance.

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